NanoMan from ZnO Nanorod-based Photovoltaics

by S. Chuangchote


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Graduate Research Program at KMUTT

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    Nano@KMUTT Research Has been Highlighted by Asia Research News Magazine and

    Nano@KMUTT have been highlighted by the 2017 edition of Asia Research News Magazine and on the cutting-edge biosensors to simultaneously detect multiple pathogens by use of semiconductor quantum dots.  The applications of this electrochemical sensing platform include the simultaneous measurement of DNA from three microorganisms that cause ...
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    Nano@KMUTT Visited Professor Ajayan at Rice University

    Our nano@kmutt program chair Weerasak Surareungchai, has visited Professor Pulickel Ajayan, a pioneer of carbon-nanotube nanotechnology form Department of Materials Science and Nano Engineering Rice University, Houston, USA. The visit strengthens the tie with Professor Ajayan’s research group that eventually will lead to the student exchange. Curre...


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Cluster at KMUTT (Nano@KMUTT) is a convergence of talented researchers from around KMUTT (JGSEE, Faculty of Science, SBT, SEEM, PDTI, BEC, and Faculty of Engineering) with an ambitious vision of becoming a regional leader in nanotechnology research. We seek to accomplish these three missions—to perform high-impact research, to develop new technologies based on our research expertise, and to nurture talented human resources.



Our DNA nanotechnologists have applied this emerging technology for better detection in biological assays. Finally, one of our member has developed telephone-based diagnosis devices to detect infectious diseases in resource-limited countries.


As a result of the above multidisciplinary research environment, the cluster aims to achieve high-impact goals of healthcare and photovoltaics in both domestic and global contexts. We expect to drive our scientific discovery from laboratories to prototypes, and eventually to commercialized products, such as healthcare diagnostic kits, more cost-effective flexible solar cells, and sensing devices for food industry.

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is a leading technology academy in Thailand, focusing on teaching and researching in engineering and technology as well as serving industry. The short famous name of the university is "Bangmod", a local name for the area around the university. KMUTT is located in Thung Khru district, Bangkok and it was officially founded on April 18, 1960. The university has three campuses: two of them in Bangkok (Bang Mod and Bangkhuntian) and the third one in Ratchaburi province.
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